One dark night, a horse-drawn carriage, traveling through a lonely, haunting forest, transports a young, nervous man to the door of an ancient, towering manor house. It is there that Samuel Wallis learns about his mysterious, late grandfather and a strange will made out to him.

One condition of the will is that Sam locates a treasure, an enigmatic treasure. Sam must follow a trail of clues, which lead him across continents and oceans to a discovery with great implications for the future of Earth. At the same time, a powerful villain and his henchmen are seeking the same thing Sam is after and they will stop at nothing to get it.


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 Excerpts from Some of Joel's Manuscripts

Here is an Excerpt from The Paragon

It was a dark night. Shadows from gnarled oak trees, shaking and dancing as the wind blew through the forest, fell across the ground, along the surface of the old country road. Samuel Wallis pulled the collar of his brown greatcoat tighter. More chilling than the... (Click here for the rest of the excerpt.) 


His legs pumping, feet pounding concrete, and heart racing, Sam zigzagged through the complex maze of forge implements and machinery. He almost tripped over a few fallen sledge hammers while he held two small ones in his hands. A door appeared to the left a stone throw from the staircase at the rear wall. It was open and Sam saw a man wearing a greatcoat, a blonde beard, and a derby slip through. Sam ran for the door, armed with the hammers. He was either a madman, a reckless fool, or a courageous warrior to pursue the man, but Sam would not let him slip away. ... (Click here to read the entire story free.)

Beneath the Rising Sun

 The wind blew across the sandy plain, stirring up small vortexes of dust. 
(Click here for the excerpt.)


   There is a darkness that fills the shadows--a deeper darkness than the black of night ... (Click here for the excerpt.)

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