An Excerpt from Beneath the Rising Sun

   The wind blew across the sandy plain, stirring up small vortexes of dust.
Under the hot, Nevada sun, a team of paleontologists was hard at work, uncovering the bones of a dinosaur. It was the discovery of a lifetime for a paleontologist. An Apatosaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs, was slowly being removed, bone by bone, from the dry, desert soil.
   In a trench, attached to the network of trenches that comprised the dig, Justin Brown, 32, hunched over the tip of a sunken object, carefully scooping the dirt away... [Click here to read more.]

   An Excerpt from Vision

    There is a darkness that fills the shadows—a deeper darkness than the black of night: a darkness beyond the coldness of outer space. Such a darkness fills the world. Tye Collins knew that darkness—intimately.
   Drip. Drip. Drip. Beads of water crashed into the liquid mirror. Endless repetition. Endless solitude and silence.
   But, this silence had no serenity with it—it was the silence of death—a living death.
   Tye, seated on the cold, firm surface watched the... [Click here to read more.]


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